Senior Nutrition Program

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Better known as Meals on Wheels, Senior Resource Connection’s Nutrition Program delivers hot or frozen, nutritionally balanced meals on a daily basis to eligible elderly and disabled individuals in 11 Counties.

More than a meal, our trained drivers provide a friendly and daily personal contact that improves our customer’s and their family’s sense of well-being. It is definitely reassuring to know that someone will check on a loved one daily, when “you” are unable.

Who can get Meals-On-Wheels?
Generally a person is 60 years and older and is unable to prepare their own meals on a regular basis, due to being physically or neurologically impaired and has no one available to prepare meals. The program also addresses the nutritional needs of individuals under 60 who are afflicted with some type of disability.

What are the meals like?
Hot nutritious and delicious meals are delivered to your door. All Senior Resource Connection meals provide at least one third of your daily required nutrients and are delivered with milk and bread. Special diet/therapeutic meals are available and include low salt, low sugar, low fat, mechanical, therapeutic and renal. A kosher meal is also available.

Who pays for the Meals-On-Wheels?
Meals-On-Wheels is funded from a variety of sources some of which include: the Area Agency on Aging Title III, United Way, and is a passport provider in all counties noted. The program also works with levy funding programs in all counties in their service area. The Meals-on-wheels program accepts contribution’s and fee for service. Program staff is very familiar with all available funding sources.

How to get started: